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I can’t let this day get away without a post. I guess I’ve been busy. I have actually. I’ve been doing work stuff since 1:00, and stopped for lunch. I’m done now for the night. Enough work I say.

We are going to check out movie times and stuff for tomorrow, we aren’t sure what we want to see, we’ll see what there is, and what fits into our time frame.

Oh, I had Chicken Cordon Blue for dinner. One of my faves. But this was not so yummy. Very odd. They took a the piece of chicken was fried, like in Southern Fried chicken. It just didn’t seem right. Plus, the ham was a smoked ham with lots of smokey flavoring. Not right either. Then they poured this sauce on the top. I have no idea what it was. It looks like they tried to make their own Hollandaise or Bernaise sauce. It was buttery, but THICK. The butter tasted like butter flavoring though. ICK. I couldn’t finish it. Then I had the twice baked potato with it. Not good either. I adore twice baked taters too! This was obviously from a box. I don’t even know if the potatoes were real or fake. It had lots of cheese and bacon mixed in. Almost too much bacon. The potato shell part was perfectly formed – I think these are manufactured potatoes or something. So, I had a so-so dining experience tonight. But, I did come home and have coffee and O*reos! Yum.

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