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was lazy this morning, but I did a lot of stuff this afternoon. I went to the post office, dropped off the electric bill payment, bought a ring! Yes, I picked one out. I’ll post pictures later, I promise. I came home and cleaned our front porch, it was dusty and full of cobwebs. I then made pasta salad so it can cool down before dinner tonight. Then I put some old photos away. Called in a prescription. Paid some bills, and now I’m done.

Mark is doing dinner tonight. He is grilling bratwursts. He is 100% Polish, and grew up in a Polish area of Milwaukee (Ok, which area of Milwaukee is NOT Polish), so he has a passion for brats. He piles his with red onion and lots of mustard. I make mine with sauerkraut and mustard. MMMMM! We’ll have pasta salad to go along with them. Not a bad dinner.

We just got season two of Curb Your Enthusiasm from Net*flix today. So, I hope we get to watch all of those. They crack me up.

Tomorrow I have to be on campus for a couple reasons. I have a meeting to interview Presidential candidate number 5 – we only have 7, so the end is near. Then there’s this program on campus for kids during the summer that Mark runs. One of the classes has it’s “final” tomorrow – they”re presenting a play. So, I’m going to watch that. Not sure about dinner tomorrow night – we’ll have to see what we feel like. The best thing to do would be to figure it out tonight – but it’s slim pickin’s around here right now. I haven’t been grocery shopping in awhile – oops. Oh well, there’s always cereal.

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