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have been slacking off on some of my work this week – cleaning, reading, writing, and homework all have suffered because I’ve been lazy and been knitting more than usual. Once in awhile it’s ok to do that though. I still feel guilty here and there about it. I will allow myself time to be lazy, but I feel guilty sometimes about it. I have been overly tired this whole week – it’s that time, so it must be because of that – sometimes it just kicks my butt.

The weather is awesome today – the windows are open, and I want to sit out in the porch and do something. I’ve got laundry going right now, I’ve cleaned the kitchen, and am thinking about snoozing for a little bit. Then getting up and finishing laundry and hanging out in porch for awhile. I don’t know, I may end up doing nothing but surfing, who knows. I am very lethargic – can you tell?

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