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Here is today’s Friday Forum:

1) Are you taking a summer vacation this year? If so, where are you heading? If you already went on vacation, where did you go?
We will be taking our vacation in August to celebrate our anniversary. We will go to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. We’ve never been to Arkansas, and it’s supposed to be such a fun little quaint place. Lots of touristy stuff, lots of shops, tons of B&B’s, lakes, outdoor stuff – perfect for us.

2) Planes, trains, or automobiles…what is your preferred mode of transportation to get to your vacation get-away?
My preferred mode would be a plane – However, my hubby despises flying. So that means we drive everywhere. But, I don’t like to be the car forever, so we usually keep it close because of that.

3) Any vacation locales you would recommend for those looking for ideas?
Of course, perhaps because I’m from there (hee-hee), I think Kansas City, MO is one of the best places ever. I always love going back – there is so much to do. We often say that if a dream job opened up in KC we would go back in a heartbeat. I also think Lawrence, Kansas is a fun place to be. If you’ve ever been you’ll know what I mean. It’s so cool. When we go we stay at the Eldridge. Right smack dab in the middle of things. I also love going to Dallas. That is so much fun – talk about stuff to do! But I do love going to Chicago. It helps that we know a lot of people up there. That would be fun to catch up with people too!

4) What US city/state have you never been to but would love to visit?
My traveling experience leaves plenty of room for desire – so I would love to get to NY some day.

5) What international city/country have you never been to but would love to visit?
Well, like I said, I have not traveled much at all. I have never seen an ocean, so a big body of water would be awesome. I would like to go to Greece, England, France, Germany, Canada, Norway, and Italy. But I’d go any where actually! I just wish we could fly places. Then I’d get to see more of the world.

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