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I think I’m going to go to bed early tonight. I am WAY tired. Sometimes I just need to get to bed early once in awhile. I have always been a good sleeper and napper. Well, actually, college is what helped me build that talent.

We, my roommate and I, would plan our classes in order to sleep in late and have an afternoon nap. I do know that my first semester of college I took an 8:00 class – I must’ve had “freshman” written all over my forehead. But then I caught on. I had classes at 10:00 and made sure to schedule lunch – that was a social occasion. Then we would all head back to our dorm room – I don’t know how our room got designated the afternoon TV room, but it was fine with us. A group of us would pile in our room to watch General Hospital at 2:00 every day. Then as soon as it was over, everyone went back to their rooms for naps. We all set our alarms for 5:00. Then we would get up and “get ready” to go to dinner. This involved changing clothes, doing our hair, primping and trying to look good – because you never knew who you would run into at the caf. We all had dinner every night at 6:00. We stayed in the caf for at least an hour – gossiping, visiting, flirting, goofing off, making plans, all the important stuff you do in college. I don’t think homework got started till 8:00, then we always stopped at 10:00. Then we got ready, once again, to go out and party someplace. We almost always left around 11:00 to go to a bar, a friend’s house, a frat house, go cruising, party in another dorm – just goofing off once again. I know we came home around 2 or 3, then would head to bed. It wasn’t so bad because we could sleep till 9:30, or even later if we skipped classes. I just know it was fun.

I really enjoyed living in the dorms. I met so many people I wouldn’t have gotten to know otherwise. We had so much fun together. There’s some rite of passage about having to share bathrooms with strangers. It’s not fun, but we sure HAD fun. I did my share of partying in college, but I also got good grades and worked hard on stuff. I had awesome friendships and had experiences that helped me grow as a person. I feel horrible for some of our students that are so homesick they end up going home within the first month, or the kids that just flunk out – college is work, but it can also be a blast. I know it’s not for everyone, but I see plenty of kids that are too scared and leave before they are even challenged. It’s sad for them.

But, just because my whole college experience was awesome doesn’t mean everyone has awesome experiences. I know that. I just wish everyone could have as wonderful a time as I did.

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