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There was a very good article in the KC Star this morning about blogging – I think it came from the AP. One thing they talked about was that bloggers tend to be younger, urban or suburban, and highly educated. 92.4% of blogs are created by people younger than 30. Half of all bloggers are between 13 and 19! That surprised me. 56% of bloggers are female. 11% of all Internet users read blogs. Between 2 and 7% of Internet users have created a blog. They expect about 10 million total blogs by the end of this calendar year. The two most common blog-hosting sites are blogspot.com and livejournal.com A survey last fall by Perseus Development Company found that the typical blog, “is written by a teenage girl who uses it twice a month to update her friends and classmates on happenings in her life.” Yet, most people still don’t even know what a blog is. Most people start a blog after reading blogs regularly. That’s true for me. I have really grown a lot, learned a lot, and truly feel better as a person because I blog. I feel a sense of camaraderie with other bloggers and refer to these people as friends in during conversations. I look forward to finding out about someone’s day and see how they and their family are doing. Even if it’s silly stuff, like going to the store – I don’t care, it humanizes all of us. Sometimes we tend to feel (or at least I do) like we’re kinda different than people, or that we don’t fit in. Blogging as affirmed my sense of self. I feel a little more normal – there are people just like me out there. One thing I can say about the blog community I’ve encountered, is they’re not judgmental. So often in today’s world, people rush to conclusions about you before you even get a chance to speak. Not here. Everyone is supportive and welcoming. I’ve mentioned to a few people that I have a blog, and a lot of people have no idea what I’m talking about. So I just tell them it’s a website where I “kind of” journal. That seems to satisfy them. I’m proud to be a blogger and feel better about myself. I’m so glad I stumbled across this outlet. Blogging Rules!

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