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Yesterday was so beautiful outside, but I can tell today will be totally different. It’s already getting hot and sticky. I was able to sit out on the porch yesterday and work on some of my writing. I guess I’ll have to stay inside and work today. Last night we watched this documentary we rented about the making of the soundtrack for the musical “The Producers”. It was good. We adore Mel Brooks, and of course, the movie “The Producers” is a classic on our books. The musiclal is wonderful too! I’m not sure what I’m going to do the rest of the day. I have things that probably should get done, but I don’t know if they will. Slacker. I really would like to cuddle with the kitty for awhile. But, if I do that, I would probably fall asleep. I think I’ll work on Mark’s bathroom first. I need to hang his new shower curtain, wash the floor mat, scrub out his wastebasket, and clean the grout – ick! Oh well, if I have my CD playing while I’m doing it all, it’ll be ok. Tonight we watch the Tony’s! We are huge fans! Anything theatre gets us going! So, we will park it in front of the TV and not answer the phone. I think “Wicked” is going to do very well tonight. I almost bought the book a few weeks ago, I probably should’ve. Ok, I better get going before I procrastinate any longer.

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