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Here is my Friday Forum.

1] What do you think [or hope] the summer of 2004 will be like?

I hope it’ll be relaxing and productive. Productive meaning I get a lot of things read and written, and crafted. Fun and long – the way summers should be.

2] Are you planning any summer vacations, weekend getaways,
parties, picnics, outings, etc.?

We’ll go away for our anniversary in August. We’ll probably head to KC once, and we’ll probably have a couple of weekend (or one night) travels someplace. We’ll do little daytrips and some exploring. We also like to explore new restaurants and shops, so we’ll probably go hunting for that stuff sometime too.

3] What has been the best summer of your life thus far?

Wow – let’s see I bet I can actually thing of more icky summers right off the top of my head. Good summers – probably most every summer. I don’t as if I have a “best”.

4] What is your area’s summertime weather usually like?

HOT and humid. When you factor in the humidity, the weather is probably in the upper 90s or low 100s. Insane! Dry. Everything is dry, the ground is cracking, you can’t walk out to get the paper at the end of the driveway without burning your feet. Everything gets dried out and dies. The grass turns all brown. By the time August rolls around, we’re all pretty miserable.

5] What are your favorite summertime foods/drinks?

I like it when Mark grills. He does a good job, and it’s fun to eat too. I like drinking iced tea that I make. Fresh fruits and veggies of the season are yummy too. I really crave big ole salads during the summer. Nothing heavy, just a big salad (I’m thinking of Elaine on Seinfeld now) Ice cream is also good – popsicles, hot dogs, all sorts of summer salads – pasta, fruit, veggie. Mmmmmm!

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