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We went to our Web Page Design class – lots of fun! Not too difficult, yet. Then we went out to be with a group of co-workers because one of them is leaving and has a new job. So everyone was drinking and doing shots. We each had two beers and called it quits. We weren’t in the mood to get loaded. Plus, they had all been there awhile, so they were already bombed by the time we got there, so you know what that’s like, when you walk in a room and everyone is already drunk and you’re not – not fun.

So, we came home and made a pot of coffee. I need to figure out what I’m doing for the rest of the night though. I’m not sure – I do need to get started on some homework stuff, so I may take that to bed and spread out on the bed and do homework. That way, when I’m sleepy, I can just fall asleep.

Have a good Friday!

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