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Late last night I started working on some of my “homework” stuff for fall. I know it’s early, but you have no idea how much I reading I have to do. I do not want to be burdened with it all at once in August. So, I am starting slowly. I actually am working on some more of it today.

I really had planned on watching TV tonight. Yes, I said watching TV. I have no idea when I last watched anything, but Showtime is showing an original production of The Lion In Winter, and that is one of my all-time favorite plays. I saw it live once and I adore everything about it. OF course, the original movie is awesome too, but I am pumped to see this. I guess I better have a tape ready to tape the darn thing – because I just have a gut feeling I won’t be able to watch for some reason…. I have a feeling my mom will call. I tried calling her earlier today and she wasn’t home. I bet she’ll return the call tonight. Oh well, nothing wrong with watching it on video.

I think we’re just going to be lazy and have sandwiches and stuff for dinner again – that’s what we had last night. That and some veggies or something will be dinner. Later this week I’ll cook for real. But now I need to brew up some more iced tea. I am suckin’ it down faster and faster with each batch. I am falling in love with my different flavor combinations. Some have been better than others, but I am happy to be experimenting.

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