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Well, we’re back from our trip. We had a great time. We left early Friday morning so we could spend the day doing fun things. We got to Wichita about 10:30 and went directly to Barnes and Noble. I sipped on some iced tea while I looked at the craft books – mostly knitting, but a lot of other fun ones too. When we were hungry for lunch we went next door to Souper Salad and made giganticly awesome salads. After lunch we went back to Barnes and Noble to kill some time – Mark looked at stuff while I sat in a comfy chair and worked on my knitting.

We checked into our hotel and took a nap – Mark wasn’t feeling up to par (sinus infection?). Then we got ready and located the theatre where Mark’s play was to be performed. Very cool space. Then we parked and looked for a place to get an appetizer before the show. We found this place:

We tried the hummus shawarma (wonderfully yummy and creamy hummus with sliced beef and sauteed onions on top of it surrounded with cucumber slices, radish slices, and olives) and the bruschetta trio (three big slices of crisp bruschetta. The first one had salmon, hard-boiled eggs, red onion and capers. The second one had chicken, pickle relish, and more caper. The third one had sliced beef, hummus, and this spicey olive paste. I prefed the chicken one better)Yummy! Then we had a lovely cup of coffee before heading out.

Then we went to the theatre to see Mark’s play. It was a lot of fun. We really enjoyed the show and the people were super nice. They treated us well and we got to talk to some former students too. That was a good thing too. Then we went to Bennigan’s so Mark could grab a snack since he didn’t eat before (long story).

We then went back to the hotel and eventually fell asleep till 9 this morning. On our way out of town we stopped off in Augusta, Kansas, and went to a tea room! I’ll blog about it on my tea blog since this is already super long.

All in all, we had a good time. As you can see:

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