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I think Mark fixed our PC last night. I have no idea what happened, but something nasty go in us – my fault. I can’t figure out where I was when it happened. Tonight is Mark’s play – opening night. I am excited for him. He has been majorly stressed AND his birthday is Monday, so he hasn’t had much time to even think about celebrating. Poor baby. He is sad and so ready for the summer to be here. I can’t wait to have him all to myself. I want him to relax so much he finally wanders around the house and says he’s bored. That will make me happy.

I received my recent tea order in the mail yesterday. I need to get it all wrapped up and sent out within the next few weeks. I am still swimming in finals though. My head is full of things to do. I need to finish up here before I start having fun with home stuff.

Sorry, so short – I can’t help it. Swamped!

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