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Ok, it’s time for my iced tea report. I made my first batch tonight in my new iced tea maker. I was pretty skeptical. I had a hard time believing that I could have COLD iced tea in 10 minutes. It’s basically set up like a regular coffee maker. You pour in the water, add tea to the basket, put ice in the pitcher and turn it on. It brews it up in 10 minutes. It’s steaming and everything so I figured when it was done I would still have to wait a little bit to have COLD tea. As soon as the cycle stopped I poured a glass – it was ice cold. Not like warmish with ice cubes in it, but ice cold. In 10 minutes flat. I was pleased. I did find out that I need to add more than they recommend because I need it a little bit stronger. I used regular tea and 1/3 of some lemony gunpowder tea from Harney and Sons. It is really good. Just a hint of lemon. I’m very pleased with my purchase.

Our computer has been odd tonight. I have run spywear twice and it still is saying there is stuff there that shouldn’t be. I will wait till Mark gets home and get that taken care of. Hopefully he can figure it out. I had planned on doing homework tonight, but not with our PC acting the way it is…

I’m off to bed to continue reading.

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