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I slept in about 30 minutes today – I could do that more often. I actually have a pretty free day today – can you believe it? I haven’t had a free day like this in ages. I do have lots of stuff I’ve been putting off till today, so I do have lots of desk work to do. Which is fine – it’s nothing icky.

I froze last night outside – the furnace kicked on in the middle of the night and I kept wondering what that sound was because it’s been awhile since the furnace has been going. And wouldn’t you know it – I just took off our electric blanket this past weekend. So, we ended up sleeping in the middle of the bed side by side. Kitty was jealous. So she slept up by my head. Why do kitties do that? It’s so cute.

I did some crafting last night. Kind of brainless while I watched Real World. I can’t help it, I’m addicted to it. I’ve never missed a season. I love them all. It’s just a big soap opera and goodness knows what a huge General Hospital fan I am – so this seems logical to me…

Must work, must work (the will be my mantra for today ) must work, must work…

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