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I am just about ready to get dinner going at my house. And it prompted me to respond to one of Lisanne’s entries. She posted her shopping list and her total cost for two weeks worth of groceries for her and her husband. I read it, and thought – yup, looks about right. Then I read her comments and it seemed like a lot of people thought she spent way too much on groceries.

Whoa! Mark and I spend about $125 every two weeks. We too only shop once every two weeks. We never go to the store in between, if we’re out of something we make due with what we have. So, I did some adding. For two weeks, for the two of us that makes 14 dinners, 14 lunches (we don’t go out for lunch – sack lunches rule) and 14 breakfasts per person. So, just for fun, let’s say we take away two dinners and two lunches – perhaps we went out on the weekend. So, for the both of us that would make 24 dinners, ( I think you can see where I’m going with this), 24 lunches, and 28 breakfasts – for a grand total of 76 meals. If our average is indeed $125 per two weeks, we average $1.64 per meal. I think that’s freakin’ awesome! So if she and Jeff are only spending $107, then they’re spending even less.

I just had to get that off my chest because I’ve kind of been consumed with that for awhile because I know that we are smart shoppers – like tonight – it’s chicken pot pies. Yummy and cheap! I don’t think we do without, and we do buy name brand stuff for some items. We do get double coupons, which I use – and I buy things that happen to be on sale that week – like produce and meat.

So, now that you all know our shopping habits – and our eating habits too -I think we should all feel a little closer knowing such details about each other.

Off to put my dinner in the oven!

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