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Last night I really do anything that I said I was gonna do. We grabbed some dinner out and then came home and I did some grading and worked on the computer awhile. After that I worked on my swap box – I had a blast putting it together! Then I started crafting.

Awhile back, Stef had talked about embroidering on cards. So I decided I would give it a try. I have some blank cardstock pre-folded cards, so I quickly drew something on it. Then I experimented with different sizes of needles and different thicknesses of thread/floss. I found a nice tiny needle and I decided on one strand of embroidery floss. Then I began embroidering. It looks great! The tricky part though – the cardstock is so thick and heavy that you kind of have to “punch” the needle through. Consequently – I “punched” it into my fingers repeatedly. Finally, by the end of the night I had three band*aids on, and had little blood stains all over the back of the card. What a beautiful gift that would be, huh? So, I started all over and this time I haven’t (knock on wood) punctured myself once. I should be able to finish up tonight. It would be so much quicker if it were on a piece of fabric. So, I now have something else to do with my blank cards.

Yesterday at work I had a little cry-baby moment. It had nothing to do with work, or Mark, or anything devastating. I was just surfing blogs and I started to feel highly inadequate. It’s hard to explain without sounding sappy, so I won’t. I’m fine now, I just need to focus on what I CAN do and not on what I have YET to accomplish. There, how’s that for a positive affirmation!

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