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Ok, the car is back – again. This time I think it’s going to be ok. So much drama when a car is sick. We made dinner last night then I set to work on my quilt blocks. I only got 6 done. Then I headed to bed to read. Don’t you love the feeling when you’re almost done with a book and you know you get to start a new one pretty soon? Well, I’m almost done and ready to start my new one tonight.

After work I have a nail appointment. Then I need to return a DVD, then run to the bank to deposit some checks. At home I need to vacuum and mop. Then worry about dinner. The rest of the night should be all for me. I really like accomplishing all my stuff and then having “me” time. I know I’ll be drinking some tea tonight!

I am giving a test in one of my classes today so that means I can work ahead on stuff while they’re testing. How horrible is this – the first week of this class I gave them a little quiz over the lectures – pop quiz. I know, I know – bad teacher. But I usually do it so I can get a feel for the group. Well, I noticed a lot of wandering eyes. So, I headed back to my office and quickly scrambled the rest of my tests and quizzes on my test maker program and now I have three different copies of everything. It was very funny the first time I passed out the test and their little eyes were peeking around and this mad look of confusion was on their faces. Then I quietly announced that, “Oh, by the way, I have three different copies of the test, so can you please put your test number on your answer sheet.” They were none too happy with me. But my goodness! It’s college. You don’t have to be here if you don’t want to be here. This class is specifically for majors too. They should like the subject and be interested in it if they’re majoring in it!

But who am I? I do not like cheating. I didn’t cheat. Of course I would daydream about somehow landing the test in my lap days prior to the exam. But I never cheated. I did last minute cramming. I paid the price if I didn’t study. I know people cheat on tests all the time, but not in my class – I’ll try to make it mighty difficult for you to cheat. I am the teacher that walks around the room – I am the teacher and stares at the kid that *looks* guilty – I am the teacher that pushes all books and notes *under* the desk so they aren’t tempted. Oh well, I’m trying to make a difference and instill in them that it’s NOT ok to cheat, that they won’t get anywhere by NOT knowing this information. Plus, I just like school and think that everyone should like it too.

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