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I have been very good tonight. I haven’t broken anything. Whoop! I am going to work on my quilt because it’s due tomorrow night. I think it’s funny to have due dates since I’m usually the one making the assignments.

Mark stayed home from work today. Physically exhausted. He just needed a mental health day. Which meant that I was ultra busy at work. I usually take over for a lot of things he does during the day. Ah, the joys of working with your spouse. Actually, I love working with him. I need a lot of attention and I can get it just by walking by and having him wink at me.

Tomorrow we are celebrating Valentine’s with some of our friends. We are meeting for lunch at a tea room and exchanging Valentine’s with each other. It’s usually a very fun day.

BTW – there is a lovely pink spot on our rug due to last night’s fiasco. If I position the coffee table just so – you can’t tell because of the shadow from the table lamp. My God, I should be working on Trading Spaces…

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