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I finally get to stay home tonight. We’ve been super busy lately. Last night we did comedy. That always wears me out…Plus, I don’t to bed till LATE. On Sunday we had a friend in town, so he and his wife stopped by to visit for a few hours. Actually, four hours. So as soon as they left I started on stuff I needed to do. We watched the Grammy’s, but I was really involved with my homework stuff. For some reason, the Grammy’s didn’t interest me this year. Oh well…

Tonight I need to vacuum, fold some laundry, empty the dishwasher, and work on my quilt. I hope not to bring any school work home tonight. I just want to be in my house without any school stuff to do.

I love when I first come in to work in the morning. I’m usually about the only one here this early, and I go through all my sites before I actually get working. I like that. Well, I should probably do that work stuff, huh? Kind of sleepy today…

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