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We are getting snow right now. I really, really wish it would just dump on us – like a good foot or more. I want a snow day! With college, we really don’t have to close, everyone is in the dorms or are big boys and girls and can drive – so we’re usually stuck on campus in the middle of a blizzard too. But, I thought ahead. I have rehearsal for our comedy group in the morning. I already cancelled that “just in case” and don’t’ have class till after 10, so if needed I could stay home till it got closer to ten and wait for the roads to clear up some. We’ll see. Heck, what difference does it make – kitty has a built-in alarm clock and will walking around on top of me at 6am on the dot. That’s ok, she’s forgiven because she’s cute.

I had quilting homework, but I did very little of it. We are working on photo transfer stuff right now. I bought some of the photo transfer paper. We get a nice discount through the school. I bought the most expensive because I liked the quality. I saw some of the cheaper stuff people bought, and it looks all grainy. Have any of you worked with photo transfer on fabric paper and used it? I think I’m going to make a quilted wall hanging somehow. I need to figure that out.

Alright, I’m off to make some tea and watch MTV – I need my laughter for the night – so I’ll be watching Jessica Simpson and Nick in “Newlyweds” – is she really that stupid?

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