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Here is a better picture of my scarf. The last one was taken while it was still being blocked. This is taken when it’s going to be worn”

I have lots of crafting to do tonight. I have some stuff to sew for Mark’s show. It involves a lot of hand sewing. So, I’m going to sit in front of the TV and do that, while I watch a Woody Allen movie because I never got a chance to watch it over the weekend. Then, once that’s done, I am going to work on knitting. Oh, hold on…Here’s a picture of my purse I’m working on:

or, is this one better?

I really didn’t realize how much the white/light grey shows up in that yarn. It mostly looks black to me. Ok, off to hand sew.
PS- didn’t I tell you I’d go picture happy once I figured it out…. 🙂

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