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My Friday Five
1. Do you enjoy the cold weather and snow for the holidays?
Yes, I do. I don’t like ice, but snow is fine.

2. What is your ideal holiday celebration? How, where, with whom would you celebrate to make things perfect?
Probably just me and Markie and the kitty. Alone. A fire. Our house. Soft music. Lots of candles.

3. Do you do have any holiday traditions?
We always begin Christmas on Thanksgiving. We always wear santa hats while decorating the house. Other than that, every year is different.

4. Do you do anything to help the needy?
Tons. We adopted a family in the projects. We bought everyone lots of fun stuff and lots of needed stuff. I chose two people randomly off of amazon and got things off their wish lists – anonymously. I tell them I’m not a stalker, I just want to spread cheer and “pay-it-forward”

5. What one gift would you like for yourself?
Good health for all – really. With Mark’s surgery this year, we opened our eyes to a lot of things.

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