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I’m a little stressed because we’re supposed to get a ton of snow dumped on us – like 10 inches. That’s a ton for us. I have things to do this weekend and guess I’m going to have to scoot out of here after lunch and get my stuff done. Snow is supposed to start coming around 4ish. We’re supposed to have a friend over tonight to watch movies, but if it’s getting too bad, we’ll have him over another night. Plus, we’re having out little Christmas open house thingy on Sunday. I have to get some last minute groceries and alcohol stuff too. I was kind of planning on getting most of that done on Saturday – oh well.

So, I’m packing my car with everything I could possibly need from the campus over our Christmas break. I really don’t even want to set foot on this place till school starts. I relish the month away. It keeps me from burning out. I think most teachers understand how important breaks are. Plus having a new crop of kids every semester/year makes it exciting too. It’s NEVER the same ole, same ole when you’re a teacher. OH – here’s a great excuse – I had a student come to my husband (he’s also a prof) and tell him that the reason she hasn’t been to class or turned in any assignments for over a month is because her floppy disk wasn’t working?!??!?! WTF?? What does that mean? Why can’t you come to class? Don’t you know anyone with a disk?? We give them away in the computer labs! Wonders never cease!

Ok, I guess I’ll be ok. I’m stressed, but pleased to be leaving this place for awhile. Christmas break officially starts tonight for us!

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