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Back to work tomorrow. Today was spent working on the pillows for my sofa. I am basically refrabicing the whole thing. I think I’m almost done. I had to be flexible and adjust somewhat. I dyed some fabric – it turned out horribly! However, I dyed it in my washer and I can’t get the stinkin’ dye out now. I’ve tried bleach, and all sorts of cleaners. I decided it was time to walk away from it and deal with it later. Consequently, my nails are a disaster because my hands were in liquid all day. My manicurist is gonna growl at me on Tuesday. In fact, my fingernails look like they have dirt under them. I did wear gloves some of the time, but once in a while I would grab something and get my hand covered in dye. Icky!

So, that’s been my whole afternoon, and most of my night. I think I need to slather on some lotion for my poor little hands, make some tea and grab my book.

I also got stuff together for my teaswap I am pumped because this is my first one. I will send it out tomorrow morning.

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