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We have had a really nice weekend so far. Last night we had to go to the high school play – ugh! It was not good at all. We have an obligation to go because Mark is recruiting a few of those kids. Then we headed out for drinks and appetizers. The music was awesome! I loved sitting there, but I smelled like smoke when we got home. I hate that.

Slept till 11 this morning. I have no idea what came over us! We went to the coffee shop and worked on stuff for a few hours. Brought the laptop and got stuff done. Now, I think I’ll nap a little, then get ready to go out. We have another show to go to tonight. But we’re going out for dinner before. We were gonna hook up with a friend of ours, but it turns out he has to work. So it’ll just be us little lovebirds out tonight. Should be fun.

Tomorrow will probably be a regular weekend day. Laundry, football, cleaning – the usual. That’s ok, because we only have 2 days of work this week! I can’t wait. Everyone will probably be in an awesome mood – isn’t it funny how people are all happy and chipper when the work week is short.

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