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The day at work yesterday went fine. But when we went to the cemetery last night after work I bawled my little eyes out. When we finally left I looked like such a mess. We were planning on going out for pizza, but we had to drive around so my eyes wouldn’t be all swollen up. Mark was great – he’s so understanding of me. I’m very lucky I found him.

Today, as in typical Friday fashion, we will leave about 2 and head for lunch – I know, I know, awfully late. Then we’ll probably nap a little bit – we want to see a movie then go out for a late dinner somewhere. I want to see Elf and maybe go to this awesome Chinese place by the theatre, or maybe this Italian place – I don’t know- something casual and easy. We’ll just wait and see what we’re in the mood for.

Thanks for all the kind words. I am sometimes scared to mention my feelings for my pets because there are some people that think that’s crazy. I appreciate not being judged! 🙂

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