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I had a great evening last night. Mark and I made a big ole pot of coffee and worked on things we wanted to do. He had re-writes for his new play, and I started sewing pillows for the couch. I had to lay out the fabric on the dining room floor – I had a lot of help from a little furball. She was loving the fabric. She rolled around on it and stretched and purred. I didn’t have the heart to move her. She looked so happy.

Today we are celebrating the birthdays of two of our friends. They have birthdays just a few days from each other, so we are all going out for dinner and drinks. I still have to go shopping for them – yikes! I have an actually easy day today, but I still dread my afternoon class – it’s such an odd mix of students that the chemistry in there is bizarre! It’s a very odd vibe.

I stayed up late reading Steven King’s On Writing I love it! It’s making me happy. I have a link to it on my sidebar. Check it out.

On another note I am feeling so great about things right now – life, work, home, family, friends. I don’t know why. Just this “high on life” going on with me right now. I’ve actually felt this way for awhile now – all I know is that I love it!!

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