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I am here, bright and early. Ready to begin my day. I actually have a pretty easy day. I have an appt with the doc at 9:15, so I get to escape for a little bit. I’ll probably get a stinkin’ flu shot then too. I’ve never ever had one, but people are insisting that I get one. So, I probably will…

I have papers to grade, a recommendation letter to write, and I need to start working ahead on some stuff. The papers won’t be bad. They aren’t rough drafts – they’re final copies, so it’s all or nothin’ baby. I just glance at it and see if they did what they were supposed to.

I’m going to try and go shopping after work tonight. I could use another pair of jeans. So, I’ll probably head out and spend some money.

I’ve been in a very festive spirit lately. I think I already have the Christmas feeling. Kinda early, hope it stays around till December…

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