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I went to bed last night and got up at 1:00 with a killer migraine. I crawled out of bed and nursed my little head till 4:30. I finally got the darn thing under control and crawled back in the bed only to have my alarm go off at 5:00. I sat up and started crying – drama queen that I am. I told Mark that I didn’t get any sleep last night and my head was still hurting. He told me he’d take care of things at the college for me today. What a great hubby. I fell asleep till 8:00, then got up because my head was pounding again. Got it under control at 9:00- fell back asleep till noon. Then I was finally up for the day. I feel ok now – it’s still lingering behind my right eye. I am heading to the doctor tomorrow – I need some serious medication for when this happens again. I’ve been dealing with these for years and years now – I have no idea why I’ve never made an appointment before. Stubborn?

Other than that, the weather outside is beautifully fall-like. It finally got chilly. I had the air on a few days ago. That’s crazy. It’s nice to have to wear a jacket when you go out. I can’t wait for this weather to get here and stay here. I will probably head to bed early tonight considering I didn’t get much sleep last night. I need to vacuum yet. So I’ll get that done then crawl under the covers with my book and my kitty!

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