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Standing Up

So, I’m standing. Again. Each and every day, I get out of bed. Two feet on the floor. Thank you!  I stand. I rise. Those are very different words, aren’t they? To rise implies that something great is happening. Because I’m glorious, I should probably rise. I will do that. From now on, I will rise.

Things may knock me down. But no more. I am in control. I decide if I fall or not. And, I choose not to fall. I choose to rise. In all of my glorious-self I rise.  This is my mantra today. Or, it will be when I meditate later on.

I find such amazing comfort in my meditations. I’m not a mediation person. But, I guess I am becoming one. That’s ok. Whatever keeps me balanced and standing is good for me. So, I meditate.

I rise so that I may continue my glorious life.  Ain’t nothin’ gonna knock me down. Only I can knock myself down and off my path. And, I choose to stay on the damn path!

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