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no KAL

I made a decision last night.  I am NOT going to do the Knitting Daily KAL for the Pan-Am Jacket.  Here is why.

I had been reading the forums.  I still hadn’t received my yarn, but I was totally catching up on the forum and taking notes. Anyway, there are many frustrated people on these forums. Many. They are stressing about the pattern. So, I continued to take notes and hope that I would be able to conquer the pattern.

I had bid on the perfect yarn via ebay.  Well, I won the bid. Then the seller contacted me to say she didn’t actually have the correct amount of yarn. She made a mistake. She offered to cancel the sale.  So, I had her cancel the sale. Then I made a decision.  Maybe I’m not supposed to do this darn thing. Maybe I’m supposed to just work on my current project and call it good.

So, I unsubscribed from the forum and guess what? I felt relief! Relief! I had no idea I was even stressed about doing this.  But, the relief tells me that I was indeed stressed. So, I am happy with my choice.


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