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girls only

When the wee one woke up today I informed her that tonight was going to be a girl’s night for us. She commented that we almost always have pancakes on girls night. Tis true.  We;ll see if she remembers that or not.

Hubby is out-of-town tonight, so she and I are going to watch a movie and do “girly” things. I’m sure some sort of facial mask and copious amounts of lotion will be involved.  Oh, and nail polish. There will most definitely be nail polish.  I like girls nights with her.  We have fun.  We get cozy. We drink hot chocolate. We eat popcorn and watch movies. We snuggle.

I really don’t think I had those times with my mom.  At least I can’t really remember any.  I probably had more girls nights with my little brother.  He was, and still is, incredibly patient and easy-going. Thank God for that.

But tonight, our night will really be about girls.  No boys allowed. And that’s good once in a while.

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