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I am busy! Things will slow down for me after tonight. Oy vey! We had an improv show last night. It went well – I think it was actually one of our best ones. That meant we got home late. Tonight I need to go to rehearsal and take notes on a dress rehearsal. It shouldn’t be long, but it just means I won’t be at home again tonight. I am gonna sleep in a little bit tomorrow. I need it!

I have been doing all my grading during the day so I can not worry about it at night. But tomorrow – can you slacker? That’s fine by me – it’s probably fine by the students too. I’m sure they won’t mind if I back off on assignments or something.

I told my students about my dad today – about him being gay. We were talking about if homosexuality is a choice or not. It’s NOT a choice, ok? Lots of the kids said it’s a choice, and they would stop being friends with someone if they found out that friend were gay? WTF? I don’t understand that? Not at all! I then asked about what happens if kids are raised by gay parents – most of them said that the kid has a greater chance of being gay and that the kid would have a messed up life. Well…that about did it. I had to spill my beans. I’m not ashamed of my dad – I just know lots of people tend to judge ME after they learn about him. But that just means they weren’t my friends to begin with. I prefer to hang around open-minded, non-judgmental people. So, the class sat in silence while I talked. They were staring at me with huge eyes. I’m sure some of them are probably afraid they’re gonna “catch” some kind of gay tendency just by being around me. I hope I dispelled some of their beliefs. They did eventually start asking questions. Which was good – none of the questions were judging – they were just basic – how did you cope? what now? kind of questions. I have no problem with my dad’s lifestyle. I really don’t. I choose to keep it quiet because of the strange people out there. My friends know – I mean, when say that I got a present from Dad and Jim, then they start to figure out stuff. The people that are my friends are cool with it and don’t treat ME odd. I have encountered some people that act like they wanna take a step back from me when they find out. Whatever? Oh well – hopefully my little life-story helped some of these kids – we’ll see..

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