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We took Mark to his neurosurgeon today. The MRI results were fine – so now we have an appointment for an ENG – nerve conduction test. He’s had two before, so he knows what to expect.

I brought homework home because we left work early and I didn’t have time to get grading done this afternoon. I was a little unhappy with the discussion we had in one of our classes this morning. I kept feeling like no one knew what I was talking about – hence, I am making a test. I need to know that they read the material and fully understand it. Right now, I am unsure if most even read the entire book. So, we’ll see…

They say the weather should start cooling down by the end of this week – maybe only in the 80s. Anything under 90 will be welcome. I still have the A/C going. It’s still so hot and muggy. And here I am longing for some hot tea, but I’m afraid I’ll get all sticky and sweaty again. I will probably hop in the shower and snuggle in my jammie THEN have a cuppa. I am drinking iced tea now. This is the first summer I have had my iced tea maker – I wonder how long before I don’t have the hankerin’ for some iced tea. I’m sure there will be a time when I just feel like water for a cool drink, and hot tea for everything else. In my new office (if/when I get it) I will have a little kitchen area set up for teas and my electric kettle and everything. I can’t wait. I am trying to find something cute to store my teas in. I have a cute little box thingy, but it’s painted, and I’m afraid it’ll make the tea smell like paint since I can smell the pain on the box now. I probably won’t risk it.

Okey dokey – off to shower, jammie it up, boil water, and work on homework. If that gets done, I’m gonna knit.

Good night all!

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