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I’m gonna have to take my laptop into school and have them fix it. It’s running slowly and pop-ups are taking over my life. I was reading blogs and suddenly – I got tons of odd pop-ups about sypware. Now I can’t get rid of them. I’ve run some spy sweeper stuff and it’s cleaned up some of it, but there seems to be more stuff lurking around in here. You know how you can tell you’ve got something you shouldn’t have? Well, I can tell.. I hope they can clean it up quickly and get my laptop back to me ASAP. I have lots of online class stuff that I need to do this week.

I probably won’t be blogging till Monday morning at work when I have access to a “clean” PC. I do have work to do tonight – but I might use Mark’s computer so I don’t have to mess this thing up any more than it already is.

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