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have such a naughty little kitty. But I love her. She was peeing in the corner of the dining room. So, I have purchased product after product to clean it and keep her from going there again. Nothing was working. I was getting mighty tired of cleaning the carpet every day. Well, I am pretty meticulous about her litter area, and I scoop every time she goes. I clean everything out once a week. And once a month I replace the entire box. So I always have extra boxes on hand. I decided to put one in the dining room. Guess what? She loves it! The moment I got it set up she came waltzing in the dining room and walked right to the box and used it. I cannot figure her out. Nothing has changed with her old litter area. I guess she wants two bathrooms. We have three bathrooms in our house, so I guess she wanted two of her own. I don’t know… She sure is spoiled though. Now, my big problem – I have a litter box in my dining room! It’s better than her peeing in the corner though.

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