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As usual – the best laid plans…. So last night I ended up going home, Mark fixed dinner, I did some housework, slept for half an hour, talked to my mom for an hour on the phone, then did homework till bedtime. Which is fine, just not what I originally planned. That happens a lot though.

I’m not even going to venture what I’m going to do tonight then. Who knows. I am actually working ahead on stuff here at work. I am getting things together for my spring online class. Why am I doing it now? Because the IT people here LOST everything of my past classes when they did something to the server. Sooooo, I have to spend this semester making up the whole class again from scratch. That’s taking some time. But I’m doing it.

I’m also working ahead on stuff at home. I have a personal rule that Christmas shopping needs to be done by Halloween. It will be. I’ve only got 3 more things to buy – then I’m done! I’ll buy them in October then be finished. I know some people freak out about me shopping so early. But hell, I’m out shopping all the time, so I just pick up stuff here and there, and before I know it – I’m done! I don’t think it takes any fun out of Christmas for me – it lets me enjoy it more rather than stress about time and money. I know December can be a tough month financially for people, but it doesn’t affect us since we shop all year long. I love having everything done early. It actually relaxes me.

Still no word on my new office. I am trying to stay optimistic about it – but who knows. I need to spend a good part of the day working ahead on some class work. That shouldn’t be that bad though. I think I’ll just take it easy and work leisurely. I don’t have any classes today, so I have lots of free time.

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