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It’s all hot and windy outside. I don’t like it.

We did comedy last night – I was sweating up a storm. We had a really good show though. Our audience was slightly smaller than usual – I guess we had about 280 or so. But they were pretty good for the most part. I usually don’t come home and shower, but I did last night. I was drenched, and I thought I was stinky. It felt so good. I like going to bed with wet hair.

Today we have a meeting (finally) about the office situation. As of now, the plan is to BUILD 5 new offices for us – rather than move us to the existing empty offices we want! Crazy and insane! I have no idea why they want to build new offices – we already said we’d each move into vacant offices in the building. Ones we like. The new offices would be sterile looking and SMALL. We WANT the existing offices – why won’t they let us? Well, hopefully the meeting will clarify things. The only thing we can figure out is that they want us all in one big area side-by-side. Other than that, I’m clueless as to what they’re thinking. As always…

I would like to nap – I bet I’ll sleep well tonight. I’m looking forward to my night tonight. Mark has rehearsal, so I’ll be home alone. I plan on doing some housework, then lighting some candles and relaxing for the night. I think I’ll knit and then do a little reading before bed. Doesn’t that sound good? The only thing is – I wish it was cooler outside. That would make it all perfect. But, the A/C is still on because it’s almost 90 every day! When will it end?? I am ready for sweaters and blankets! Yummy!

Ok, I’m gonna pass the time by doing some work, so I can keep my mind off the meeting. I hope it goes well…

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