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Up at 5:30 for a 7:00 breakfast meeting. That was lovely. But I’m surprisingly awake. I walked into my office and my secretary had a gift for me on my desk. She got me a cat calendar and a dry erase board for my office door that says “Princess” on it. Then I went to my honors class and the kids had all signed a card for me. Very sweet – considering they’re all freshmen and BARELY know me since school’s just begun practically. Then a co-worker took me to lunch at a new place and she bought my lunch. In my afternoon class – all hell broke loose!

The afternoon class is ALL theatre kids. I don’t think I need to say much more about them, they are typical theatre kids. However, they are the coolest and most awesome people – all theatre people are – that’s why I gravitate to them. Any-whooo, there are like 60 of them, they all sang “Happy Birthday” to me – then I got gifts! I got a tiara with some matching earrings, a perfectly princess doll with lots of clothes, a princess calendar, stickers, body tattoos, glitter nailpolish, glitter lipstick, glitter body gel, glitter body powder, coupons to Sonic, home-made Snickerdoodle cookies, a blow pop, a ring pop, and a princess color book with new markers. Can you say MOTHER LOAD?!?!?

Then I come home and my brother and SIL sent a box of awesome stuff – boys are smelly socks, chicks rule socks, kitty post-it notes, cool notecards, boys are smelly lipgloss, drama queen lipgloss, trendy wendy shower stuff, princess mints, disco queen flip-flops, and a Barnes and Noble gift certificate!

Then Mark came home and had to give me stuff – I’ve already got a princess lunch box, a Mr. Potato Head, a Tea book, a furry monkey pen from him- and then this afternoon he gave me two glitter pens, a happy bunny notebook, a pink pencil with pink fuzzies at the end, a pencil with bubbles at the end of it, and a Writer’s book. And my birthday’s not even till tomorrow!!!!!!! I like to celebrate my birthday like Hanukkah – 8 nights of presents!

Tonight we have to do comedy -then we’re going out to eat at one of our fave places. Tomorrow Mark has an MRI scheduled in the afternoon, so we’ll do lunch before that and then we’ve got dinner reservations at this super fancy place at 6. We’ve only been to this place once before. This couple took us there when we first moved here. We’ve never been back. We got a $100 gift certificate from a student as a Christmas gift, so we’re using it. I don’t even know if $100 will be enough money – this place is like $50 a plate and stuff. Yikes! I’m excited. Heck, it’s free for us!!!

So, today has been a good day. I know the whole weekend will be good. Since Mark was so sick last year’s birthday wasn’t so good – this is totally making up for it!

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