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I got out of bed around 3:30 this morning with a killer headache. I took some ibuprofen and went out to the couch. I didn’t want to bother Mark, but anytime he moved or anything it made my head worse. So I just plopped on the couch and put a pillow over my head. I felt better around 4:00 so I headed back to bed. I woke up headache free! I think it was weather related. Now, I’m starting to feel it again a little bit. I tell ya’, I am plagued with headaches weekly. I always have been. They’re usually the same and have been since I can remember. I have migraine medicine, but I like to use that only when necessary. I prefer to take care of it myself. I have a huge routine I go through – things that help ease my head. I am headache master!

Today I ran some errands. I had to go to Wal*mart to get the paint for our dining room. The lady at the paint mixing counter was a bee-yotch. She didn’t say a word to me, and slammed everything around. When she was done she pushed the can towards me. I said, “Thank you, I hope you start having a better day.” She kinda got startled and quickly said, “Oh, Thank you. You have a good day too.” The thing is she musta been in her late 50’s. I felt kinda disrespectful saying that to her – but not really. lol

Then I had to go get the fabric that I’m using to make the window treatment in our dining room. The girl that was cutting the fabric wasn’t very bright. I needed 4 and a half yard of fabric that cost $3.77 a yard. So, she has this scanner thingy and scans in the UPC of the fabric, then is trying to figure out what to multiply it by. I, very nicely, tell her to try 4.5 since it’s four and a half yards. She said, “No, I need the *amount* of fabric you have here.” We went back and forth about that. All she needed to do was multiply $3.77 by 4.5. I was very nice with her, she was about my age. I figured she wasn’t a math whiz (obviously) and I didn’t want her to feel stupid (I think that’s the teacher in me) But finally this older lady comes up to buy fabric and jumps in the conversation. She says she used to work in this very department. So she told the girl to punch in $3.77 by 4.5. Duh! So the girl does – and then says, “Gee thanks, we couldn’t figure it out – glad stopped by.” I could figure it out! She’s the one that couldn’t. So, I looked like an idiot. Oh well…..

The fabric I got is a little lighter than what I kind of saw in that room, but I can make it work. I got some fringy stuff to add to it too. We start painting this weekend. I’ll take pictures. We got furniture shopping tomorrow. Yippie!

Well, I have no idea what dinner will consist of, I have no plans. The weather is awfully stormy, and I’m out of ideas. Guess I’ll see if Mark has any bright ideas when he gets home.

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