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After dinner tonight we went out and did yard work. Hot!!! But then we went to So*nic to get slushes! I got lime – mmmmm!

We have a central vac system in our house – which I love. But we think it overheated tonight while using it. I hope so. I don’t wanna replace it. But – it is the original and the house is 28 years old, so I guess it wouldn’t surprise me. I’m just spoiled that’s all. I looked up prices and they aren’t too bad, but I bet installation is a killer. I wonder if it would be cheaper to use someone we know – like a friend. I mean, all that would need to happen is to take the old off, and put in the new one. It’s housed in the garage. I don’t know. Let’s just hope it overheated. At first we thought we popped a breaker.

I think I need a little snack now. I’ll have to rifle through the fridge and see what I can find….

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