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We had a really good day. We slept in late – as always. Then we headed out to a nearby town for the day. We had a light lunch at this BBQ place. The sauce was good, and the sandwiches were big. We then walked around their downtown area. Then we went to see Fahrenheit 9/11. Now please know that Mark and I are die-hard liberals and huge Michael Moore fans. Needless to say, we loved it. We learned so much. Since we consider ourselves news junkies we really liked the format of the movie. I felt a union with the rest of the audience watching it. It was cool, because everyone started clapping after the movie. If people don’t go see the movie, could those people at least vote???

Then we went to dinner at a Mexican place. We had some beer, and I ordered the bean and cheese chimichanga, and Mark had a tostada. It was ok. Not the best Mexican by far. But we had to try it.

When we got home I headed to the track and did some walking. Then took my shower. WE are gonna watch a movie later on. I’ll get knitting done during that. Plus, I got knitting done in the car today. So, I am moving right a long.

We have no plans for tomorrow. Probably treat it like any other Sunday. Have a good holiday!

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