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I was on campus today. The meetings went well. I came home and started dinner. I got to cook tonight! I put steaks on the Foreman grill – with A1 sauce, garlic and thyme. Then I put a foil packet together of new potatoes and baby carrots with Parmesan cheese, olive oil, basil, parsley, oregano, black pepper and seasoning salt. We gobbled it up in no time. Mark can tend to be picky, but I got two thumbs up. The steak was cooked perfectly – juicy and yummy. I wanted it to be more medium, but it came out medium well. I set out some pork chops for dinner tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’m home all day, except I do have to run to the grocery store. I need to make a list of things I need to accomplish while I’m home so I don’t get lazy.

Oh, the highlight of my day…I got a swap package from Shannon! This was awesome! I got CD’s, tons of Fourth of July stuff, and lots of crafty stuff from her. She is so talented. I told her that she inspired me. After I see crafty stuff I want to sit down and craft. So, hopefully she lit a fire under my butt and will get me working!

I got some little errands done around the house today. Plus I got a nap in. We are seeing Spiderman II tonight – or really, tomorrow morning. At 12:01 we will be in the theatre watching Spidey. How fun will that be? I like doing wacky stuff like that. So, it will be a late night for us. I think I may try and sneak in some coffee. I bet we’ll be some of the oldest people there – most “adult” types have to work in the morning and probably won’t be up till 2 in the morning. Oh well, I’m looking forward to it.

Tonight I am cooking dinner. Things are all prepped, and I need to get in the kitchen when this is done and start putting it all together. We are having sweet and sour pork chops on the grill, teriyaki green beans with red peppers, and a hot loaf of bread from the bread machine. I went grocery shopping this morning – hopefully we won’t have to go this weekend at any time. With the holiday, it’ll be crazy at the store.

My online class officially ends tomorrow night at 11:55 pm. Most of the students have everything done already – I’m only waiting on two more students. Then I’m done with that! Yippie! I will totally do it again. I enjoy being able to work when I want to.

Tomorrow I need to do some cleaning, and I hope we get a Netflix DVD in the mail for tomorrow. We could watch a movie and I could knit. Sounds good to me!

We were indeed the oldest people in the theatre last night. But that was ok – it was funny to look around and see all these younger kids – and then there’s us. We loved the movie. We thought it was better than the first one. They set up the third Spiderman very well. I think it’s supposed to come out in 2007. Doesn’t that seem like a long way away?

I need to make the cole slaw for tonight’s dinner. Then I should do a little bit of cleaning, but I’m not sure if I’m feeling it. The weather has suddenly changed. It’s getting dark and the wind is picking up. Rain is on the way. I may just wanna read and chill for the rest of the afternoon. Maybe with some tea – mmmm – sounds like a plan.

We will probably watch a DVD tonight. Not much else going on. It’s kind of slow around here right now. I don’t mind one bit.

Dinner was a disaster. I made the cole slaw earlier, and it turned out nice and yummy. It was in the fridge chilling. I was going to make hot and spicy pork ribs on the grill to go along with it. So, I cut open the package of ribs – that I bought yesterday! – and I thought I smelled something funky. But I ignored it. I got the cutting board, knife and was ready to go. I yanked out the first rib and I smelled that smell again. I put my nose down to the try and it was a little stinky. But, I thought, well, maybe it’s me. I’m sure you can see where this is going. The recipe says to cut the ribs into manageable pieces and microwave for a few minutes before putting on the grill. They microwaved for five minutes, and when I opened up the door – STINKY! I shut the door really fast and stood there for a long time. I called Mark. Am I helpless or what? He was on his way home. I told him the ribs were stinking and I didn’t know what to do.

So he came home, and took one whiff and said – we gotta get rid of these. So we bundled them up, and put them in the freezer in the garage. Trash gets picked up on Tuesdays, so we didn’t want them rotting in the garage for the next week. Now we have to remember to put them in the trash on Monday night. So Mark stood in the kitchen eating cole slaw and I was all depressed.

So, we went to a new place in town that we haven’t been to yet. They have pizza and wings and stuff. I got a slice of pepperoni and some mozzarella sticks. Mark got a meatball sandwich and some onion rings. It wasn’t as good as homemade food, but oh well. We’ll snack on slaw and have some for lunch and stuff I guess. If there’s any left we can have it with dinner tomorrow night.

So much for my little cooking adventure for the night – but on a good note – the slaw rocks!

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