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I had to go into work today because the college is in the process of hiring a new president and they had an open forum for this candidate. You can imagine what a huge task it is to find a president. So, each candidate gets to spend an hour with faculty and staff answering questions. Today was our second one. It got me thinking about the whole interview process – which I hate, by the way.

I think I interview poorly, I tend to over-compensate, or make too many jokes. Not out of nerves, it’s just that I make jokes. So I kind of feel peculiar being on the other side of the table. I’ve been on search committees before and really feel out of place. I wonder, while I’m on the other side of the table, what makes me so special that this person has to “prove” themselves to me? Me? Plain old me? I’m actually on a search committee for our marketing person too. Our first meeting is tomorrow. I feel so much for the people interviewing. I try to send them positive vibes and give them eye-contact and positive facial expressions while actively listening to them. Some people, just glare at the candidates – I hate that! I wonder why? Feeling of power? Which is a shame, because if we truly want the person to work for us, shouldn’t we show our best side? And not our mean, gruff, “show me whatchya got” side? I think the interview process is a tad messed up. I know not every place interviews like we do, but there has to be a better, more relaxed way. Hell, I get stressed out for the person interviewing. I’m probably sweating more than they are.

On another note, JD, our baby girl (ok, she’s really a kitty, but…) had this weepy eye yesterday. It was scaring me. Her third eyelid was all red and irritated. It actually started running on Saturday, but yesterday the poor little thing had a constant stream of tears running from her one eye. So, this morning, I called the vet and made an appointment – and the babies eye is all better now! I think it was allergies. I looked up stuff online and she really had no other symptoms. I’m just so thankful she’s better now. I get way stressed when she’s sick. She is 16 afterall, but she’s still our little baby.

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