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Man oh man has my mind been racing lately. We have so much to figure out. Mark is up for a job he applied for on a whim. I don’t know – it would mean a move, a pay decrease (majorly). But – the plusses are he wouldn’t have the amount of work that he has now. I mean, my God, he broke his neck last summer, and he’s still expected to build sets and do ALL the tech work for the shows because they won’t give him an assistant. Mark’s hours right now are pretty much 7 in the morning till 10 at night during the school year – does that suck?!?!? He needs help, and they cry budget problems and say they can’t help him. But, we have a great home – the best ever, we make great money, I have a job I adore! I would move and not have anything – for awhile anyway. There’s always the possibility of getting adjunct work at the new university, but nothing’s confirmed yet. We would have to sell stuff and move into an apartment and basically start over. Mark is planning on talking to administration and laying it on the line for them – either give him a full time assistant (there isn’t a single other program we’re aware of in the state of KS that doesn’t have at least two on staff for theatre) – or we’re BOTH outta here. It would suck for them because school starts the second week of August, and that would leave very little time to do a proper search. Mark is currently head of the theatre program – and my title is communications instructor and honors program director. I don’t know – we need to make some decisions – soon. This just kind of fell in our laps suddenly. What do you guys have to say????

Hey, is anyone having problems leaving comments? Email me if you are – I checked it out and it seems to be working ok, but let me know if you can’t. Thanks

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