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We had a really enjoyable night last night. We finished watching season one of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” – and we just have more and more respect for it all the time. I love the fact that it’s all improv. That’s what keeps us laughing. Then I watched Woody Allen’s “Don’t Drink the Water” – ok, I know that people either love Wood Allen stuff or hate his stuff. I used to be in the latter category. Until I read a biography of him and started to do some Internet research on him. I read the bio because I was mostly interested in how someone can marry their step-daughter??? But, putting that aside, I learned a lot about the movie and his career. I started to see the movies in a different light and relate to some of the humor more than before. So, I’ve been watching as many as I can, when I can. I had never seen this movie before, but I HAVE seen the stage play. This was originally a play before they made it into a movie. I do not care for the play. Either did the critics when it premiered on Broadway. This is definitely more of a movie script – it’s not the best one though. But I can see why it works better as a movie than a play. After that we had major problems going to sleep – we fell asleep at 3 and woke up at 11:30. We had lunch and stopped off at a farmer’s market and got lots of yummies – nectarines, cherries, blackberries, tomatoes, and red onions. So, I promptly came home and made myself a huge strawberry/blackberry shortcake thingy. MMMMMMM. Delicious. I’m probably gonna want that for dinner now! We are going to the late show tonight to see “Harry Potter” – I can’t wait – I’m sure it’ll be crowded. There really are a lot of good summer movies out there this year, so I’m looking forward to seeing them all. Ok, here is my Friday Forum: 1] Name three people, living or dead, who you’d love to invite over for a dinner party. What would you serve? I’ve actually thought of this before – I’d invite Shakespeare, Ernest Hemingway and Emily Dickinson. I have so many questions for them all. Food, well, probably something kind of plain – I wouldn’t want to serve anything that Willy wasn’t used to. So, probably some kind rosemary chicken with roasted potatoes and some kind of steamed veggie and for dessert some kind of fruit thingy. 2] What does your all-time favorite meal consist of? Which foods do you like the least? You know, this answer changes from time to time. Right now I’m in an Italian thing – probably chicken Parmesan with a huge salad with blue cheese dressing, some garlic cheesy bread, and tiramisu for dessert. The only food that I’ve tried that I don’t like is calamari. 3] Do you enjoy a food combination that some might consider unusual [for example, barbecue sauce with French fries]? I put potato chips on my lunch meat sandwiches. I like cold anchovies on my hot pizza. I love grape nut cereal and cheerio*s mixed together. I like my fries dipped in mayo with lots of black pepper. I like peanut butter on my pizza crust. And anytime we have frozen pizza for dinner we always have fries with it. 4] Do you have any food weaknesses [i.e., chips, candy, cookies]? Do you usually manage to avoid the temptation or give in? Chocolate stuff – I usually give in. But it really only seems to attack me after dinner. Right now I’m into Oreo*s 5] Which foods/recipes have you never tried but would like to? Lots of seafood stuff – I love seafood, and Mark won’t even try it – and it’s just not economical to buy expensive seafood and prepare something for just me, besides, lots of seafood leftovers aren’t so good. So, that makes me kinda sad. We have my mom’s old fondue pot, and I would really like to make something in there some time. The thing is, Mark is such a picky eater, that I’m kind of limited in what I can and cannot cook 😦

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