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What a rainy day! I got up and thought it was going to never stop raining, but when it did for a little bit I headed out for some groceries and stuff. The sun came out and it was sticky, sticky, sticky. Then I made some lunch and read some magazines and by the time I looked up again it was totally dark outside and starting to rain. It hasn’t let up since. So, I decided that since it’s perfect napping weather, I should do just that. Now I need to get some stuff done around the house and think about dinner for tonight. I’m cooking tonight. Lately we’ve gotten into the HBO show “Curb Your Enthusiasm” – we rented season one and have only 4 more to watch of it – we’ll do that tonight because it’s so icky outside. Season two comes out on DVD in mid-June and we’ll watch that. Season four is on now, and we can catch re-runs and stuff on HBO late at night. It’s an odd humor that most people won’t like, but we love it. We laugh so hard sometimes! I read in a new cat book I got that you can feed cats baby food – as long as there is no onion powder, onion flavoring, or any onion products (onions kill kitties) – so I shopped in the baby food aisle today. Man, almost everything has onion – which surprised me! So, I looked in the organic baby food and picked two – one is a sweet potato, and one is a butternut squash and corn mix. The baby will get a taste of at least one tonight. We’ll see if she likes it. If she does, she can have it as a special treat now and then. Speaking of baby food – did you like that segue? Standing there looking at the shelves reminded me of my sophomore year in high school. My best friend Lisa and I went through this phase of eating baby food – it only lasted a few months though. We somehow thought it was kind of cool to do this. At home for dinners we had to eat normal, of course. But our parents didn’t know that everything else was nothing but baby food. My parents were ultra-strict, so she kept the stash at her house. Every night we’d plan our menu and she’d bring it in her backpack. Some of them were horrendous, of course, but I remember eating all the fruit ones – I don’t think I ate peaches though. And there was this one called “Blueberry Buckle” – I ate that till I turned blue practically. We didn’t eat many of the veggies, the ones we liked were sweet potato, carrots, there was a squash one, and some others. We did NOT eat any of the meat ones – they were too scary. So when lunch would roll around, we’d pocket our lunch money to save for more baby food, and plop down with our cool friends at the popular table – ok, we weren’t cool, we were the geeks, but we thought we were cool in our way. And we’d eat our lunch of squash and blueberry buckle. We would even drag it with us when we went cruising. I remember sitting in her car with babyfood in one hand and a cigarette in the other – talk about cool! The lesson that I learned about that whole phase was that lots of kids judged us by our behavior. Ok, I know it was weird, but still. They openly made faces and talked about us behind our backs, but in the same breath, they’d ask for a taste. People are so quick to turn up their noses when something is different, but deep down they’re curious and I think even a little bit envious. It’s just safer to “go with the flow” and they’re too scared to be different. I know that was in high school, but the same darn thing happens to me today. I’m still not sitting at the popular table, but I enjoy the geeks that I hang with today! Anyone for some “Blueberry Buckle”???

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