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I am just finishing up my Tuesday night and thought I’d surf around some. I found a bunch of meme’s at this site. So I’m gonna do some of the one’s for Tuesdays.

This one is from Tuesday is Choose Day:

Would you rather:
1.your best friend overhear you telling somebody else a deep secret about them OR your child overhear you venting your frustrations about your significant other?

I suppose the child thing because I don’t have kids, so I guess I don’t really understand how damaging that can be.

2.learn an obscure language only spoken by 15 other people on the planet OR be able to guess somebody’s exact birthdate, just by looking at them?

Guess their birthdate – that would be awesome to do at parties and bars. I’d make money winning bets.

3.have eyebrows that grow in VERY bushy, daily, no matter how you try to prune them OR make a sound like a tuba whenever you blow your nose?

Make a tuba sound. I don’t have time to pluck my brows each and every day.

4.have a job that makes $200,000 a year, but you only get to see your family once a week for 3 hours OR make just enough to survive from check-to-check, but be able to see your family whenever you want?

Make just enough to live from paycheck to paycheck – I’ve been there and it’s hard, but not as hard as not having family around.

This one is from Tuesday Twosome:

End of May:

1. Name two things you will miss this summer:

I kinda feel like the summer is just beginning, but I guess I’ll miss even more time with Mark – I love being with him. And I’ll miss not seeing my family as much – we’re all so busy.

2. Name two things that you won’t miss this summer:

I won’t miss getting up early for work, and I won’t miss having to deal with other people when I’m not in the mood. I’m mostly all alone all summer.

3. Vacation: “Planning on one” or “Don’t have the time and/or money to take one”:

Planning on one. Our 9th anniversary is in August and we’re going to Eureka Springs, Arkansas to have some R&R

4. Warmer weather: “Finally” or “Crap! I want cooler weather”:

Finally, but it won’t be long before I’m ready for cooler weather and football!

5. Memorial Day (USA): “A much needed day off” or “I have to work”

I’m off anyway, so we’ll probably just treat it like any other day.

This one is from TV Tuesday:

1. What’s your favorite sitcom?

I guess I’d have to say Seinfeld. I really don’t watch much TV

2. Is there a sitcom you really don’t like?

Most of them. I guess I haven’t really seen many to actually have an opinion though.

3. Which sitcom did you used to like, but now it just seems too hokey?

I really like “The Cosby Show” and “Roseanne” but I don’t watch them any more. Can you tell how long it’s been since I’ve watched sitcoms…

~Bonus~ If your life was a sitcom, what would the title be?

I think we’d name it “Franks and Beans” because our last name is Frank.

Well, that’s all folks! Good night!

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