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I just got done “spring cleaning” the kitchen. I am all sweaty and smell like cleansers and stuff. My hands get all dry from touching water and cleaners. I know I should wear gloves, but I can really work better without them, plus they make my hands stink and sweat so much. I had the windows open to air out the place, but I think I’ll close up for a little bit – it’s getting humid and sticky.

I never watched my show last night, I ended up taping it, so that means I have to watch it tonight, that’s fine, I’ll just knit and watch TV. I’m a little sleepy, so I may take a shower and hit they hay a little bit. Or, I may just nap, then get up and take a shower. Who knows. I am feeling lazy after working for a few hours in the kitchen. Mark is in charge of dinner tonight, so that’s a relief. It takes some pressure off me and he likes to play chef anyway.

all for now!

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