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Today was productive. I got lots of work done for my upcoming online class. I made Mark log on as a student and see if there were any glitches. I’m glad I did that because I did find some things I need to fix.

We had to have the AC guy come out to fix the unit that’s less than a year old! I guess we had some kind of Freon leak and he fixed it and now we’re set. Though it’s not too hot right now. We’ve been lucky. Luckily the warranty is still on.

Tomorrow is a good day! It’s my flying lesson! I am pumped. All we need is the weather to hold out for me. I am very excited. Mark is staying on the ground and taking pictures and running the camcorder. Though I’m sure we’ll be so far away that he can’t see me at times, but at least he’ll get me landing and taking off. I’m ready! Just call me Maverick! I’m gonna be a Top Gun!

I had to call my nail tech today and cancel. I have had a standing appointment for about 4 years now. About 6 months ago I took off my acrylics and have been growing my own nails since then. Well, I’ve still been going for regular manicures and upkeep. But, I think I can do my own at home. I’ve been having weekly manicures for about six months and I think I know what to do. So I finally go the nerve and called and told her that I thought I could do it on my own. I was nervous, but I did it. I felt bad, because she’s at a salon I don’t ever go to. I get my hair done at a different place. So I probably won’t be seeing her very much. That’s sad because after this many years seeing her on a weekly basis we really started to have such a fun relationship. I’m not sure when/if our paths will cross again, but I felt it was time for me to move on. Why spend the money if I think I can do it at home?

I made ribs tonight. The recipe called them Country Pork Ribs, but they really turned out to have a sweet and sour taste to them. Which is fine, just surprising. They were ok, I don’t think I’d make them again though. I would rather just make plain ole sweet and sour pork – which I think I will do in a few weeks anyway.

Tonight I’m gonna work on some homework reading. I’ll just grab my stuff and head to the bed and start work. I’m actually finishing up a cup of coffee, so this will be a late night. Heck, I won’t be able to sleep anyway thinking about my flying lesson!

I’ll update and post pictures of my flight tomorrow!

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